Color me Messi.

San Telmo, Buenos Aires, 2014

Duelo fanático: Gritando “La Ciudad de Furia” durante el velatorio de Cerati.

After Gustavo Cerati’s death, the singer’s family announced plans for a wake that same evening, at El Palacio de la Legislatura.  A line quickly formed in central Buenos Aires, snaking around the building, and for 10 - 15 blocks.  Applause occasionally erupted in spontaneous shows of emotion, and the melody of “La ciudad de la Furia”, as well as other classics, floated in the air throughout the late night.

Remembering the crowded streets…I’ll just keep posting these as time goes by.

"We spanked them like this."   
July 9th, Independence Day, at El Obelisco in Buenos Aires just after Argentina’s win over The Netherlands.

Gooooooal!  After 90 minutes without one on either side.

Big convention came to town a few months back, just in time for Easter.

Made some great new friends.  They have been keeping dark spirits at bay from their little shop for nearly 50 years.  When I asked if I could take their portrait, they were delightfully enthusiastic.  ”Make sure you photograph our things!  We have really weird things!”